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On June 14th, 2016, just two short days after the most violent crime committed against the LGBTQIA+ community in US history, the City of Corpus Christi came together in solidarity to honor our fallen family in Orlando. Nearly 1,000 friends, family, and allies converged on the bay at a vigil coordinated by leaders of the local CCLGBT organization.

That night, we all witnessed a spark within our community that eventually flickered into a flame. From those embers, the annual Pride Downtown festival was born, and a movement was ignited here in South Texas that would eventually become The Mosaic Project.

For Orlando, for our community, and for those who cannot yet or can no longer speak for themselves — we give you The Mosaic Project. We continue to fight for LGBTQIA+ equality, awareness, and acceptance by performing six core functions:

(1) Sponsoring and organizing events and activities that are free and open to the public focused on and around the first week of June of each year, in commemoration of the action and spirit of the Stonewall Resistance of 1969 — the symbolic renewal of the Lesbian/Gay Rights movement;

(2) Coordinating, facilitating, and serving the community by providing the mechanism for the Pride Downtown parade/march and festival/celebration/rally within which the diverse elements of the community can present themselves — each in their own way;

(3) Organizing and sponsoring events which promote the full expression by LGBTQIA+ persons of their social and civil rights;

(4) Providing a network of support, counseling, and education, for LGBTQIA+ individuals, especially youth and their families and educators;

(5) Educating and informing the general populace of their responsibilities regarding the LGBTQIA+ community and our human rights; 

(6) Highlighting LGBTQIA+ history by celebrating the contributions of LGBTQIA+ persons in our culture, both past and present.